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Success! Stolen Guitar Returned to its Owner via theguitarvaults October 22 2015

Tal’s Ibanez was stolen from a gig he was playing with his band ‘Zappatika’ in Sweden. Tal later registered the details of the theft on theguitarvaults
Some months later an eagle eyed staff member in a pawn shop in Sweden was suspicious of a guitar they had been given for sale and checked the serial number by searching theguitarvaults. Finding the guitar had been registered with us as ‘Stolen’ they contacted Tal via the site to confirm the details and placed the matter in the hands of the Swedish Police.

We have had many stories since we launched just over a year ago of theguitarvaults helping in the search for stolen instruments - but this is the first time that we know of where a stolen guitar has been returned safely to its owner by the authorities using our services. To celebrate the success we will be announcing some give-away competitions over the coming weeks. Look out for informations here and via our FaceBook and Twitter pages.