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Gibson SG Frank Zappa Tribute October 27 2012

Fans will get their chance to see the guitar when Dweezil takes it out for a ‘test drive’ on his upcoming European and US tours.

Speaking of the guitar’s development he said:
‘It is an exact replica of Frank’s ‘Roxy era’ guitar, which started its life as an SG Special with P90s and no trem. Frank tweaked it a lot in the early 70s and it morphed into this by ‘74.
It later ended up with a mirror pick guard over the whole body and some advanced electronics. I decided to have it reproduced to match Roxy/Apostrophe era since this is how the guitar looked and functioned at that time.’
FZ- RoxySG
Dweezil has registered the instrument in theguitarvaults, for more details follow the link to the guitar’s profile page: