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The guitars below have been marked as lost or stolen by our members.

Fender Roadhouse Stratocaster, Fender Roadhouse Strat
Serial number: N7302101

1997 Fender American Roadhouse Stratocaster tobacco sunburst with rosewood fretboard. Was stolen from my storage locker in Costa Mesa in 2000. I just found the Serial #N7302101 and Invoice from Jim's Music Center, Irvine. I filed a police report in 2000 with Costa Mesa PD but I did not have the serial number to report. I always thought it was the manager of the storage facility that stole it as I was very careful to take the guitar when nobody could see me carry it into the locker. Then two weeks later, I went back and noticed that somebody had carefully peeled the metal plate that held the lock loop that you use with your lock to lock the door away to open then folded it down flat so it would be hard to notice at first glance, the padlock the storage place sold was basically useless because of this. I opened the door and the guitar was gone. Only two lockers got hit out of hundreds got hit. Why mine? How did they know a $1,000 guitar was sitting there? The manager must have seen me on camera when I carried it to the storage. If anyone else has a similar experience at Bear Storage in Costa Mesa, please let me know. The manager claims the video tape that records all people/cars entering the storage was not working either, so how convenient. I later learned from the wife there that her husband played guitar.... The rest is history. Never lock your guitar in a storage unit even if just for a week, or if you are afraid how much crap your wife or GF may complain about all your shit when you move in with her. My Strat was gone (The Girl was Gone) and forever singing the blues.

Gibson Les Paul Studio, Moe
Serial number: 94052689

Purchased in Portsmouth, NH. Stolen from Dover, NH. Last seen on craigslist Newburyport, Ma. I set up a meeting place to "buy" the guitar, but it never materialized.

Jaakamsmskqj Jqk, Jejeejj
Serial number: 182828


Guild S330D-SB,
Serial number: 175225

Stolen a few year back, burglary Sreatham London
Still miss it. Hoping someone has it and would like to sell back. It's a long way from the original thief by now.

Moserite The Ventures,
Serial number: 1053

No details have been entered for this missing guitar.

Fender Precision,
Serial number: S881747

1978 Fender Precision bass, serial number S881747, stolen from my home in northern Virginia on or about July 30, 1998. The thief forcibly entered my apartment while I was away and removed the bass & case from under my bed, never to be seen again. Case #98005486, Clarke County (VA) Sheriff's Office. 540.955.5152.

Kloro Brinjal, Server666
Serial number: 1


Epiphone joe pass emperor, Joe Pass
Serial number: s98085902

This guitar and Epiphone case was lost by Royal Mail and stolen by someone

Gretsch Malcolm Young II, My Malcolm
Serial number: JT10102396

Stolen from Eagle Rock Public Storage in Los Angeles

Fender Stratocaster, 1977 Fender Stratocaster - Ivory
Serial number: S771569

The guitar was stolen in Leeds, UK a good number of years ago when a music shop suddenly disappeared. The guitar was in for a service. Never found out where the owner went to. I have no usable photograph unfortunately. It was bought for me by my late father so has a very personal significance.

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe,
Serial number: 175984

Stolen in April 1989 from the St Duthus Hotel in Tain, Ross-shire (Scotland). An opportunist theft after an eveining gig.

Valley Arts Custom pro, Missing
Serial number: VA1085

This Valley arts guitar serial number 1085 was stolen from me back in 1993. It went missing from a storage cage in Ezee Hire in London.

Ovation Dontknow, Ovation
Serial number: Dontknow

Stolen by a white lady in Orlando FL that may have moved to Alabama

1981 Gibson ES dot reissue 1981 Gibson ES dot reissue, Gibson ES 355 dot
Serial number: 80417612

Today I noticed that the case was damaged, the back was pushing out. When I opened the case, to my great dismay, a cheap Alvarez acoustic guitar had been forced into the case. Someone switched this nearly worthless guitar with my Gibson in my case. So my guitar may be for sale somewhere out there. Theft happened in Madison WI.

Martin OOO16GT, Saraswati
Serial number: 813900

Was stolen from the backstage dressing room at the Broadwater Theater, 1078 Lillian Way in Los Angeles, CA on 7/11/2019. This guitar is PRICELESS, a gift from my father when I was 17 years old. There is a priceless reward for the return of it, including making me the happiest woman alive to have it back in my arms again.

Gibson and Martin L6s,
Serial number: None entered

Stolen from Self Storage in Lost Angeles

Gibson L6S Silverburst 1980 in hard case

1940'a Martin parlour guitar in brown vintage case

dfdsf dsffdssf,
Serial number: None entered

No details have been entered for this missing guitar.

warwick streamer,
Serial number: None entered

Blue Warwick passive bass circa 1998

Nothing Yamaha FG800,
Serial number: I forgot

It was a school instrument located at Charles R. Drew Highschool in Riverdale, GA. Last saw it on Friday May 3, 2019. It is a Yamaha FG800 with a serial number at the bottom where the strings are attached I believe. Please if you see it call me at +16787645975 or contact the schooI I will give you around $40 if you find/know where it is.

Fender Telecaster,
Serial number: MZ4200541

Stolen out of my garage on May 6, 2019

Gibson Traditional T,
Serial number: 160115942

Not sure really, disappeared from my home. The police have traced its movement to Cash Converters in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. Allegedly sold by Cash Converters online. The police should be able to trace the purchaser, they are actively investigating now. Further so far been traced to here ......

Gibson SB-450, Gibson Short Neck Bass
Serial number: 180802

Stolen from me house in Highgate. April 2019.

Ovation UKII 1291-7, My Baby
Serial number: 14242

Rare Ovation Solid Body Electric

Fender Elite Flame, Robben
Serial number: 41102907

House was broken into and most everything in my studio was stolen.

Fender 1977 Precision Bass,
Serial number: S760494

Stolen from car in Bristol, UK on the evening of 7th Feb 2019

Along with this guitar a Black 1978 Fender P-Bass was also stolen.

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1969 Goldtop, Goldtop
Serial number: None entered

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1969 Goldtop with mini-humbuckers. Stolen from our rehearsal space the Sound Mill recording studio in Bloomington, IN in the Summer of 1994. I know it's a long shot but hoping to track it down to buy it back.

I loved this Les Paul, now it's been 25 years, and it's the longest of long shots, but I'd like to track it down and buy it back. I don't have the serial number but I'm trying to get it now.

I bought it from Manny's Music in 1990. While I was on tour with The Lemonheads in the summer of 1994, I stupidly left some of my gear stored in my band Antenna's leased rehearsal space at a now-defunct Bloomington, Indiana, recording studio called The Sound Mill. The story at the time was that a studio employee named Jacques made off with a bunch of studio gear, including this guitar, and crossed the border to his native Quebec and, presumably, sold all of the gear. By the time I got back from tour, the theft had occurred several weeks prior. There aren't many of these guitars, so my wife's theory is that maybe there's a way to narrow down the sales of this model that occurred within that time period. Difficult detective work, to be sure. But who knows?

There were some minor cracks in the finish and some typical wear and tear on the body of the instrument. It had a sparkly gold star sticker on the pick guard and a Mercury Rev sticker on the body of the guitar behind the bridge at the time it was stolen (although probably removed by whoever stole the guitar). You can message me on Facebook or reply here if you have any ideas about how to track it down. I'm sure it's been sold a time or two since then, but I'll buy it again. Thanks, John Strohm

Here's a video with close ups of the guitar at 5:19, 5:46, 6:23, 6:35, 8:17, 8:45, and 10:25.

Fender Jazz, Fender Jazz Bass 1972 Blonde EMG pickups
Serial number: 367353

House break. April 29,2014 Pittsfield MA. Please call lead detective officer Bertelli with info. 413-448-9705 menu #1, then #5.
$1,500.00 reward

Ibanez JEM, Greenie
Serial number: None entered

I know this is a extreme long shot, this guitar was stolen from me on November 10, 1995 and there were no forums or place besides the police department to report this until now. It was stolen from Toad's Place in New Haven, CT while my Band Trial Mile was opening for Kansas. Out of any guitar that I had that night this one is not replaceable due to its rarity and unique swirl.

Taylor 810ce,
Serial number: 990518126

house break in

JET (Jeffery Earle Terwilliger) Earlwood, JET Earlwood 198
Serial number: 198

Purchased through ebay.
Delivered by UPS but missing from the package.

Fender Stratocaster, Strat '79
Serial number: S948080

Stolen from my home 09/12/2018. Thieves left behind the original hard shell flight case.

Fender Telecaster - American Standard,
Serial number: Z8152424

Stolen from Studio Westgate Chamber, Rotherham

Ovation Patriot, Ovation
Serial number: O78925

My apartment was broken into and my guitar was stolen. Police report was made. Finger prints were found.

Gibson ES-125TD,
Serial number: None entered

Burglary of The Krayolas storage unit on June 8, 2018 at Life Storage, 7340 Blanco Road, San Antonio, TX 78216. SAPD Case No. 18120290. Crime Stoppers offering up to $5,000 REWARD. Private reard also being offered. I've owned guitar since 1971.

Fender Jazzmaster,
Serial number: Unknown

Stolen from my property in West Yorkshire June 2018

Fender jazz bass Sunburst,
Serial number: S738896

Burglar entered though open window while I was home , probably asleep in bed

Eastman AC822CE-FF, Colonnade
Serial number: 121145430

Stolen from a storage unit in Santa Fe along with a Guild GAD D125-12 string all mahogany dreadnought and my G&L Legacy Tribute in a Orange, yellow, and black sunburst. Sold to a pawn shop by the thieves in Santa Fe, New Mexico. New locations since unknown.

Squier Stratocaster, 15th Birthday Squier Strat
Serial number: Don't know

My beloved squire stratocaster has been taken from my car whilst it was parked at a friends in Middleton. It's black with white scratch plate, covered in stickers, will be impossible to flog. Please share, I'm devastated. Had it since I was 15, so it's over 30 years old.

Epiphone ES-335 Pro,
Serial number: 16031501554

Stolen from my house in Beeston, Nottingham on 07/03/2018.

Gibson Les Paul, My inheritance
Serial number: 510699

My home was broken into and the guitar stolen from the case but the case was left where it was and I did not discover it for a long while.

Serial number: 160081083

Stolen from my parents' house in Jan 2018

Gibson SG,
Serial number: Unknown, unfortunately

Kept this guitar at the base of my bed on stand constantly (when not in use). Fort Collins, Colorado. Was gone for 2 days and returned home to find it missing. Looks like screen window in basement was tampered with. This happened between Dec 7 and Dec 10, cannot even guess at what time since I was gone. This has extremely high sentimental value to me. My parents bought this for me when I was 9 and I have used this in my bands until it got stolen (I'm 21 now). I am crushed.

Homemade Les Paul standard,
Serial number: No serial no.

Burglary on 19 Sept 2017

Epiphone Masterbilt Deluxe,
Serial number: None entered

Whilst on stage playing at a Peaky Blinders event at The Black Country Museum, Dudley, 9th September. around 9.30 -

Gibson les paul Traditional , Lois
Serial number: 116230640

Stolen following a gig played on the night of Saturday 9.9.17 from the junction pub in Rainford Merseyside.

Gibson G3 Bass G3, Gibson G3 Bass
Serial number: 551428

Gibson G3 Bass 1975 serial nr 551428 went missing at Iceland Airwaves festival 2011

Fender 0958005000,
Serial number: CSD1101982

I believe was stolen out of my car in Carpentersville il

rz404 rz404, rz404
Serial number: rz404


Fender USA Strat Plus Deluxe (TR MN) ? Torino Red with Maple Neck,
Serial number: E807885

Taken by a fellow musician who we thought was a friend. Pretty sure he's flogged it for readies. Been missing since end of April

uy uy, uy
Serial number: uy


Fender precision,
Serial number: l121543

No details have been entered for this missing guitar.

Mosrite (Filmore Japan) Ventures model,
Serial number: 4277

The guitar was stolen from my parent's home in the East midlands. It is a Japanese Mosrite but the tremolo was replaced with a genuine 1967 USA Mosrite NOS part. In this condition the instrument is UNIQUE.

Fender Stratocaster,
Serial number: L45094

A man broke in to my studio. Grabbed it and ran, with us chasing after him on 5pm, Dec 22, 2016

Gibson 2016 Les Paul Traditional, Gibson 2016 Les Paul Traditional
Serial number: 160092347

The guitar was stolen from Dawsons music shop in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom on Saturday 17th December 2016. The guitar was stolen without the original box, packaging, hard case, manual and certificate of authenticity.

Gibson Les Paul,
Serial number: 417925

Burglary. Stolen in 1976 in San Jose, CA.

Martin CS15-007,
Serial number: None entered

[FR]C'est avec grand regret que nous vous informons que notre joyau de la couronne a ete derobe vendredi dernier, il s'agit de la Martin Guitar Custom Shop CS15-007 que certains d'entre vous ont deja pu admirer au Shop... nous vous serions a jamais reconnaissants si vous pouviez nous aider a la retrouver en partageant ce post autant que vous le pouvez et faire circuler l'info autour de vous. Bien sur nous sommes toujours en possession de l'etui, du certificat d'origine et de tous les autres papiers relatifs a cette guitare. Ce modele est le seul modele en Europe, ouvrez L'oeil, un tres grand merci!
On this Monday afternoon we are really sad to let know that our jewel of the crown has been stolen. We are talking about our Martin Custom Shop CS15-007 that we showed you before with great pride. We'd greatly appreciate if you could share this post and this information around you in order to help us find this guitar. its the only model for Europe and of course we still have its case, case candies & all related paperwork, Please keep an eye out for it, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

gibson les paul custom, custom
Serial number: 59092635

this was stolen from my home in broken arrow oklahoma

Fender Precision Bass, Fender P
Serial number: 635544

On thursday, June 9th, 2016, at night time, our van was opened illegally by burglars and a lot of musical gear was stolen, this Fender Precision Bass, a 1983 Squier Jazz Bass, a 1968 Fender Showman Amp and cab, a in a flightcase, an pedal board in a flightcase, a cymbal case and a little case with cables, tubes, tuner etc.

Burns Bison 62,
Serial number: None entered

A bit of a long shot - my husbands guitar was stolen from round the back of his car as he helped his drummer unload equipment after a gig, this was several years ago now so not holding out much hope but it was a much loved guitar. Stolen from Knutsford Road area of Warrington, Cheshire.

Fender 62 AVRI Strat , Bluey
Serial number: LE02539

Was being delivered by DHL to new owner, DHL delivered it to the wrong address in Derbyshire UK,who signed for it, recovery attempted by the DHL security team, reported to local police as well, basically the scumbags who live there stole it, but theres no real proof

Gibson ES 335,
Serial number: 01534707

This guitar was stolen from within the King Billy pub, Northampton on Friday 19/02/2016, whilst packing away my gear at the end of a gig. The thief simply picked up the guitar case and walked out of the pub (witnessed) but could not be found when I realised a few moments later,

Guild AD030170, My Original Guild
Serial number: AD030170

Was stolen from the patio of a coffee shop in West LA. 11049 Santa Monica Blvd on January 26th 2016.

Chapman ML-1 Hot Rod,
Serial number: W140069ML-1HOTROD

Home invasion robbery

Erlewine Chiquita, Erlewine Chiquita travel guitar
Serial number: 9102069

This guitar was stolen by a family member around 2007-2008 and pawned in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

Serial number: E488449


Godin Multiac Sa (Nylon),
Serial number: 01434215

Left guitar unattended by vehicle in Shrewsbury UK at lunchtime 08.11.14. (senior moment etc) Huge loss.

Fender Custom Stratocaster, Experience Hendrix
Serial number: None entered

The theft took place sometime during my band's current September 2014 tour. Unfortunately the precise location of the incident is unknown because all of my tour guitars, plus this custom, were packaged together for the trip to Montana and on to Kalamazoo and it was only later in the tour that the theft was detected.

Fender American Fat Strat w/c RSW 3-CSB, Fender Fat Strat
Serial number: z1021096

I was in jail at the time and my house was robbed. This guitar was taken on December 15th 2006.

Burns 6 string guitar (NOT a bass) Vistasonic,
Serial number: None entered

Stolen in Penge, SE London, UK May 2014

Gibson Les Paul custom , Gibson les paul custom 1985 white
Serial number: 80915551

1985 gibson les paul custom white / yellow from age , stolen 2002 from shoreline wa . Case # 01-421323

Ibanez AEG10ll,
Serial number: 3T01OZ09050(Missing Number)297

Stolen Out of my Trunk in Panama City

Gitane D-500, Gitane D-500
Serial number: 2731

This guitar was stolen seven years ago in Birmingham, England, from my van... I slept at a friend's place with the van parked outside on the street. The b*****d broke a window and got into the back and left with only the guitar...
The incident was logged with the police at the time, but not much has come of that obviously.
The reason why I am now trying to locate the guitar is that I found a photo (from a trip to the south of France) that shows the serial number, which I couldn't remember at the time... (a lesson learnt there about keeping records...)

Rickenbacker 330,
Serial number: 05 30888

Stolen from my house July 13, 2009

BC Rich Warlock ,
Serial number: 71013444

broke in my home while i was at work

Gibson Les Paul Junior double cutaway,
Serial number: 104710655

Left at bus stop (don't ask...) in on Stockwell Road on 24/11/2013

Fender Highway One Telecaster,
Serial number: Z8104916

Stolen 11/23/2011 - McKinney, TX. $200 Reward.

Schecter A5X,
Serial number: 99021426

This is a black Schecter Diamond Series A5X Celloblaster FIVE string (not a bass!) guitar that was stolen from me from my house in Larned, Kansas around 11-11-2013. Nothing else was taken thankfully, but wish he took my plain Jane Ibanez 7 string instead.

Guitar was last seen being attempted to get pawned/sold at Bob's Pawn Shop in Dodge City, KS for $300. The pawn shop wasn't willing to buy it unfortunately. I do have a police report/investigation with the Larned PD as well as proof of purchase from PayPal and eBay. I am offering a $100 NO QUESTIONS reward for this guitar back. I spent 12 years scouring eBay and the internet for one that I didn't get outbid on as well as having the money for it.

Fender Stratocaster,
Serial number: S035155

I was playing a show in the basement of J&J's pizza, and a guy flaunting his Neo-nazi tattoo was told off by others in the audience. He went through the back hallway where all the equipment was through to the back entrance/exit and the soundguy who had been working saw him with two guitars (one of them mine) leaving on a bike. My guitar was in a soft Roadrunner gig case when it was stolen.

Fender Jaguar,
Serial number: T049588

Stolen from my car trunk on Prince St. at West Broadway in the Soho area of Manhattan. Stolen in a soft, black gig back containing a TC Electronic Spark Booster pedal, tuner, capo, cables and more. Also stolen alongside a Martin DCX1E acousic/electric in black roadrunner gig back.

Siggery Custom Heresy, My First Custom :(
Serial number: None that i knew of.

I had sent this back to Marty Siggery to have some minor work done on the nut and used Parcelforce 48hr service to send it. This was during december of 2012.
At some point AFTER it was taken to be delivered to Marty it somehow went missing, despite it only having to go from the van to martys door and back in the van. Somehow it went missing during that space of time and never made it back to the depot???

Despite me having printed proof of this parcel force are trying to claim that it isn't there fault and they won't pay out. Cue ongoing battle!

Ibanez js1000 ,
Serial number: F9830221

IT was taken from my house.

Fender Geddy Lee Jaczz bass,
Serial number: To14939

Guitar fell out of our van during transit after the door broke. Tracked back our route and there was no sign of it so we think it's been picked up by another motorist.

Gibson Les Paul 57 reissue,
Serial number: 7 5644

See about me

Gibson 2004 Custom Shop Historic '57 Reissue Les Paul Custom VOS,
Serial number: Not Available At This Time

My girlfriend's son stole it and sold it.

Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium,
Serial number: 110211417

No details have been entered for this missing guitar.

Gibson Les Paul Custom / Standard Pro, Sweet Sue / Black Beauty
Serial number: SS = 745208 / BB = 026690448

In the Attached photo you will see on the right, my 2009 Black Gibson Les Paul Standard Pro Serial #0206690448 and in the center my 1970 Cherry Burst Gibson Les Paul Custom Serial #745208 as the guitars I purchased from Guitar Center this past year.

These were stolen in Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421 on Wednesday 05/15/2013 when our home was broken into and they stole other items but also got these 2 Gibsons and Hard cases as well as the LTD I had purchased from a friend of mine.

I am just sharing this in case someone comes offering these Guitars for sale!

In the scond but closer up picture and the 1970 is on the Left and the 2009 is in the Center.

They missed the 2011 on the right so I have it and my 1979 Fender Stratocaster 25th anniverasry to play with!

Gibson SG Special,
Serial number: 2822328

Stolen in Philadelphia PA in November of 2012.

Rudolf Blazer Souther Jumbo Cutaway, Blazer Southern Jumbo C
Serial number: None entered

Internet fraud! This guitar was stolen and sent from Germany to the following address: April. 16. 2013
Joshua Bruce
283 Chapter Road
United Kingdom

Guitar was never paid and is still missing

Epiphone Sheraton,
Serial number: S4064654

Taken from a train in South East London 26/02/13. Somewhere between Charlton and Abbey Wood.

Lowden O32C, Gary
Serial number: None entered

This guitar was stolen on a train journey from East Sussex to Kent. High possibilities of being taken to pawn shops, but I'm using all methods possible to recover this guitar.

Rickenbacker 660, Red Ricky
Serial number: 0946453

Stolen on 6th May 2011. An Ebay Scam. I handed the guitar over in person after receiving what I thought was a legitimate paypal payment. Shortly afterwards it transpired that the person I handed the guitar to had hacked in someone's ebay account and also into someone else's paypal account. Paypal removed the funds from me to pay back the guy whose paypal had been used, so I was then out of pocket by ?1,700, the sum I sold the guitar for.

JJ Hucke Antarctica,
Serial number: None entered

Stolen from private house in London in 2000

Gibson Les Paul Custom,
Serial number: 90521472

Stolen from my house in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) in 2012

Fender Stratocaster, 1979 Fender Stratocaster
Serial number: S937736

Stolen from my home in Lockport, IL in November of 1984.
Serial number S937736
Original case was not stolen.

The guitar in this photo is not the guitar that was stolen, but it looks identical to mine that was stolen.

Kramer focus 1000,
Serial number: None entered

House break in

Suhr Standard, None
Serial number: 7706

The guitar was stolen from a private house back in 2008 :(

Gibson Les Paul Custom, 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Serial number: 81230540

1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Black, all original with Brass nut installed and TP-6 tailpiece. Serial number 81230540

Stolen from my home in Lockport, IL in November of 1984.
Also stolen was my '79 Strat

Acoustic/Gretsch Black widow,
Serial number: None entered

No details have been entered for this missing guitar.

stratocaster 170dx, ibanez 170dx
Serial number: 170dx

i go to sonora to vacations and take my guitar with the next day, my family and me do a travel for the state...when i?ll be back..I DON?T FOUND MY GUITAR...

Gibson SG Jr., Cherry
Serial number: None entered

I last used it at a guitar lesson 3 weeks ago today. It is in a modern SG case with a white plush lining and paperwork/music in it. I went to grab it for a lesson today and it's no where to be found. Could have been stolen out of my car, but I don't typically leave guitars in there. I thought I had a photo of the serial, but I do not, and I cannot remember it.

Gibson X-Plorer Pro, Gibson X-Plorer Pro
Serial number: 00943614

This X-Plorer Pro was stolen on the UPS-Transport from italy to germany. It have the No.00943614. When you get offered please contact me. It is very helpful to share this to your friends! Thanx!

Fender Mustang,
Serial number: 100993

Stolen from my apartment in the Mission district in San Francisco 10/2/85.

Fender Flame Elite, Fender Flame Elite Robben Ford Master Series
Serial number: B 010305

Guitar was returned to seller due to bridge posts problem. Seller claimed that he never received the guitar. Canada Posts confirmed that delivery was made to the proper adress. I was denied refund by Paypal. So this guitar is legally still my property. Was lost/stolen on the way to Spartanburg, SC . I have all the paper work to prove property.
All of this happened in the spring of 2012, March-June

Unk XMark Classic ,
Serial number: None entered

I purchased it on ebay from seller ksm_guitars on 05/07/2012. The seller sent it out but it wasn't set up for me to sign for it. I came home that day and the guitar had been stolen from my porch. As I write this I have resent an email to the seller to get the serial number which was given to me but has since been misplaced. I will post that info as soon as I receive it. Thanks to Dweezils video I wouldn't have know this site existed. Fully aware that this isn't a rare of expensive guitar but stolen is stolen.

Fender Telecaster American Deluxe, Lotus
Serial number: US10089599

Stolen in Lille (France) while it was in the trunk of my car on July 17th 2012

Silvertone Jupiter, The Jupiter
Serial number: none found

This guitar was stolen in February of 2005 from the back seat of my car before a gig in Roseville, California. More details to come.

Gibson Les Paul,
Serial number: 3 0621

This 1953 Gibson Les Paul, along with my '63 Gibson ES335 and all of my analog processing equipment were taken from my studio in Ladner, British Columbia, Canada, on June 5, 2011. Because they couldn't break through the doors, the thieves scaled a sheer 15' high concrete wall and smashed out a window above the air conditioner to gain access.

Gibson '59 Les Paul Reissue (Custom),
Serial number: 9 1102

Stolen from my home several years ago.

Gibson G3 GRABBER,
Serial number: late 70s

Stolen from back of my car 20th September 2012
Dawsons music car park, Warrington, Cheshire.

Along with 1993 Fender Jazz Bass, Rosewood, Black scratchplate Badass upgraded bridge, Black fender Strat controls.