can you help?

The guitars below have been marked as lost or stolen by our members.

Suhr Standard, None
Serial number: 7706

The guitar was stolen from a private house back in 2008 :(

Gibson Les Paul Custom, 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Serial number: 81230540

1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Black, all original with Brass nut installed and TP-6 tailpiece. Serial number 81230540

Stolen from my home in Lockport, IL in November of 1984.
Also stolen was my '79 Strat

Acoustic/Gretsch Black widow,
Serial number: None entered

No details have been entered for this missing guitar.

stratocaster 170dx, ibanez 170dx
Serial number: 170dx

i go to sonora to vacations and take my guitar with the next day, my family and me do a travel for the state...when i?ll be back..I DON?T FOUND MY GUITAR...

Gibson SG Jr., Cherry
Serial number: None entered

I last used it at a guitar lesson 3 weeks ago today. It is in a modern SG case with a white plush lining and paperwork/music in it. I went to grab it for a lesson today and it's no where to be found. Could have been stolen out of my car, but I don't typically leave guitars in there. I thought I had a photo of the serial, but I do not, and I cannot remember it.

Gibson X-Plorer Pro, Gibson X-Plorer Pro
Serial number: 00943614

This X-Plorer Pro was stolen on the UPS-Transport from italy to germany. It have the No.00943614. When you get offered please contact me. It is very helpful to share this to your friends! Thanx!

Fender Mustang,
Serial number: 100993

Stolen from my apartment in the Mission district in San Francisco 10/2/85.

Fender Flame Elite, Fender Flame Elite Robben Ford Master Series
Serial number: B 010305

Guitar was returned to seller due to bridge posts problem. Seller claimed that he never received the guitar. Canada Posts confirmed that delivery was made to the proper adress. I was denied refund by Paypal. So this guitar is legally still my property. Was lost/stolen on the way to Spartanburg, SC . I have all the paper work to prove property.
All of this happened in the spring of 2012, March-June

Unk XMark Classic ,
Serial number: None entered

I purchased it on ebay from seller ksm_guitars on 05/07/2012. The seller sent it out but it wasn't set up for me to sign for it. I came home that day and the guitar had been stolen from my porch. As I write this I have resent an email to the seller to get the serial number which was given to me but has since been misplaced. I will post that info as soon as I receive it. Thanks to Dweezils video I wouldn't have know this site existed. Fully aware that this isn't a rare of expensive guitar but stolen is stolen.

Fender Telecaster American Deluxe, Lotus
Serial number: US10089599

Stolen in Lille (France) while it was in the trunk of my car on July 17th 2012