can you help?

The guitars below have been marked as lost or stolen by our members.

Siggery Custom Heresy, My First Custom :(
Serial number: None that i knew of.

I had sent this back to Marty Siggery to have some minor work done on the nut and used Parcelforce 48hr service to send it. This was during december of 2012.
At some point AFTER it was taken to be delivered to Marty it somehow went missing, despite it only having to go from the van to martys door and back in the van. Somehow it went missing during that space of time and never made it back to the depot???

Despite me having printed proof of this parcel force are trying to claim that it isn't there fault and they won't pay out. Cue ongoing battle!

Ibanez js1000 ,
Serial number: F9830221

IT was taken from my house.

Fender Geddy Lee Jaczz bass,
Serial number: To14939

Guitar fell out of our van during transit after the door broke. Tracked back our route and there was no sign of it so we think it's been picked up by another motorist.

Gibson Les Paul 57 reissue,
Serial number: 7 5644

See about me

Gibson 2004 Custom Shop Historic '57 Reissue Les Paul Custom VOS,
Serial number: Not Available At This Time

My girlfriend's son stole it and sold it.

Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium,
Serial number: 110211417

No details have been entered for this missing guitar.

Gibson Les Paul Custom / Standard Pro, Sweet Sue / Black Beauty
Serial number: SS = 745208 / BB = 026690448

In the Attached photo you will see on the right, my 2009 Black Gibson Les Paul Standard Pro Serial #0206690448 and in the center my 1970 Cherry Burst Gibson Les Paul Custom Serial #745208 as the guitars I purchased from Guitar Center this past year.

These were stolen in Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421 on Wednesday 05/15/2013 when our home was broken into and they stole other items but also got these 2 Gibsons and Hard cases as well as the LTD I had purchased from a friend of mine.

I am just sharing this in case someone comes offering these Guitars for sale!

In the scond but closer up picture and the 1970 is on the Left and the 2009 is in the Center.

They missed the 2011 on the right so I have it and my 1979 Fender Stratocaster 25th anniverasry to play with!

Gibson SG Special,
Serial number: 2822328

Stolen in Philadelphia PA in November of 2012.

Rudolf Blazer Souther Jumbo Cutaway, Blazer Southern Jumbo C
Serial number: None entered

Internet fraud! This guitar was stolen and sent from Germany to the following address: April. 16. 2013
Joshua Bruce
283 Chapter Road
United Kingdom

Guitar was never paid and is still missing

Epiphone Sheraton,
Serial number: S4064654

Taken from a train in South East London 26/02/13. Somewhere between Charlton and Abbey Wood.