can you help?

The guitars below have been marked as lost or stolen by our members.

Godin Multiac Sa (Nylon),
Serial number: 01434215

Left guitar unattended by vehicle in Shrewsbury UK at lunchtime 08.11.14. (senior moment etc) Huge loss.

Fender Custom Stratocaster, Experience Hendrix
Serial number: None entered

The theft took place sometime during my band's current September 2014 tour. Unfortunately the precise location of the incident is unknown because all of my tour guitars, plus this custom, were packaged together for the trip to Montana and on to Kalamazoo and it was only later in the tour that the theft was detected.

Fender American Fat Strat w/c RSW 3-CSB, Fender Fat Strat
Serial number: z1021096

I was in jail at the time and my house was robbed. This guitar was taken on December 15th 2006.

Burns 6 string guitar (NOT a bass) Vistasonic,
Serial number: None entered

Stolen in Penge, SE London, UK May 2014

Gibson Les Paul custom , Gibson les paul custom 1985 white
Serial number: 80915551

1985 gibson les paul custom white / yellow from age , stolen 2002 from shoreline wa . Case # 01-421323

Ibanez AEG10ll,
Serial number: 3T01OZ09050(Missing Number)297

Stolen Out of my Trunk in Panama City

Gitane D-500, Gitane D-500
Serial number: 2731

This guitar was stolen seven years ago in Birmingham, England, from my van... I slept at a friend's place with the van parked outside on the street. The b*****d broke a window and got into the back and left with only the guitar...
The incident was logged with the police at the time, but not much has come of that obviously.
The reason why I am now trying to locate the guitar is that I found a photo (from a trip to the south of France) that shows the serial number, which I couldn't remember at the time... (a lesson learnt there about keeping records...)

Rickenbacker 330,
Serial number: 05 30888

Stolen from my house July 13, 2009

BC Rich Warlock ,
Serial number: 71013444

broke in my home while i was at work

Gibson Les Paul Junior double cutaway,
Serial number: 104710655

Left at bus stop (don't ask...) in on Stockwell Road on 24/11/2013