can you help?

The guitars below have been marked as lost or stolen by our members.

Fender precision,
Serial number: l121543

No details have been entered for this missing guitar.

Mosrite (Filmore Japan) Ventures model,
Serial number: 4277

The guitar was stolen from my parent's home in the East midlands. It is a Japanese Mosrite but the tremolo was replaced with a genuine 1967 USA Mosrite NOS part. In this condition the instrument is UNIQUE.

Fender Stratocaster,
Serial number: L45094

A man broke in to my studio. Grabbed it and ran, with us chasing after him on 5pm, Dec 22, 2016

Gibson 2016 Les Paul Traditional, Gibson 2016 Les Paul Traditional
Serial number: 160092347

The guitar was stolen from Dawsons music shop in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom on Saturday 17th December 2016. The guitar was stolen without the original box, packaging, hard case, manual and certificate of authenticity.

Gibson Les Paul,
Serial number: 417925

Burglary. Stolen in 1976 in San Jose, CA.

Martin CS15-007,
Serial number: None entered

[FR]C'est avec grand regret que nous vous informons que notre joyau de la couronne a ete derobe vendredi dernier, il s'agit de la Martin Guitar Custom Shop CS15-007 que certains d'entre vous ont deja pu admirer au Shop... nous vous serions a jamais reconnaissants si vous pouviez nous aider a la retrouver en partageant ce post autant que vous le pouvez et faire circuler l'info autour de vous. Bien sur nous sommes toujours en possession de l'etui, du certificat d'origine et de tous les autres papiers relatifs a cette guitare. Ce modele est le seul modele en Europe, ouvrez L'oeil, un tres grand merci!
On this Monday afternoon we are really sad to let know that our jewel of the crown has been stolen. We are talking about our Martin Custom Shop CS15-007 that we showed you before with great pride. We'd greatly appreciate if you could share this post and this information around you in order to help us find this guitar. its the only model for Europe and of course we still have its case, case candies & all related paperwork, Please keep an eye out for it, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

gibson les paul custom, custom
Serial number: 59092635

this was stolen from my home in broken arrow oklahoma

Fender Precision Bass, Fender P
Serial number: 635544

On thursday, June 9th, 2016, at night time, our van was opened illegally by burglars and a lot of musical gear was stolen, this Fender Precision Bass, a 1983 Squier Jazz Bass, a 1968 Fender Showman Amp and cab, a in a flightcase, an pedal board in a flightcase, a cymbal case and a little case with cables, tubes, tuner etc.

Burns Bison 62,
Serial number: None entered

A bit of a long shot - my husbands guitar was stolen from round the back of his car as he helped his drummer unload equipment after a gig, this was several years ago now so not holding out much hope but it was a much loved guitar. Stolen from Knutsford Road area of Warrington, Cheshire.

Fender 62 AVRI Strat , Bluey
Serial number: LE02539

Was being delivered by DHL to new owner, DHL delivered it to the wrong address in Derbyshire UK,who signed for it, recovery attempted by the DHL security team, reported to local police as well, basically the scumbags who live there stole it, but theres no real proof