can you help?

The guitars below have been marked as lost or stolen by our members.

dfdsf dsffdssf,
Serial number: None entered

No details have been entered for this missing guitar.

warwick streamer,
Serial number: None entered

Blue Warwick passive bass circa 1998

Nothing Yamaha FG800,
Serial number: I forgot

It was a school instrument located at Charles R. Drew Highschool in Riverdale, GA. Last saw it on Friday May 3, 2019. It is a Yamaha FG800 with a serial number at the bottom where the strings are attached I believe. Please if you see it call me at +16787645975 or contact the schooI I will give you around $40 if you find/know where it is.

Fender Telecaster,
Serial number: MZ4200541

Stolen out of my garage on May 6, 2019

Gibson Traditional T,
Serial number: 160115942

Not sure really, disappeared from my home. The police have traced its movement to Cash Converters in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. Allegedly sold by Cash Converters online. The police should be able to trace the purchaser, they are actively investigating now. Further so far been traced to here ......

Gibson SB-450, Gibson Short Neck Bass
Serial number: 180802

Stolen from me house in Highgate. April 2019.

Ovation UKII 1291-7, My Baby
Serial number: 14242

Rare Ovation Solid Body Electric

Fender Elite Flame, Robben
Serial number: 41102907

House was broken into and most everything in my studio was stolen.

Fender 1977 Precision Bass,
Serial number: S760494

Stolen from car in Bristol, UK on the evening of 7th Feb 2019

Along with this guitar a Black 1978 Fender P-Bass was also stolen.

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1969 Goldtop, Goldtop
Serial number: None entered

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1969 Goldtop with mini-humbuckers. Stolen from our rehearsal space the Sound Mill recording studio in Bloomington, IN in the Summer of 1994. I know it's a long shot but hoping to track it down to buy it back.

I loved this Les Paul, now it's been 25 years, and it's the longest of long shots, but I'd like to track it down and buy it back. I don't have the serial number but I'm trying to get it now.

I bought it from Manny's Music in 1990. While I was on tour with The Lemonheads in the summer of 1994, I stupidly left some of my gear stored in my band Antenna's leased rehearsal space at a now-defunct Bloomington, Indiana, recording studio called The Sound Mill. The story at the time was that a studio employee named Jacques made off with a bunch of studio gear, including this guitar, and crossed the border to his native Quebec and, presumably, sold all of the gear. By the time I got back from tour, the theft had occurred several weeks prior. There aren't many of these guitars, so my wife's theory is that maybe there's a way to narrow down the sales of this model that occurred within that time period. Difficult detective work, to be sure. But who knows?

There were some minor cracks in the finish and some typical wear and tear on the body of the instrument. It had a sparkly gold star sticker on the pick guard and a Mercury Rev sticker on the body of the guitar behind the bridge at the time it was stolen (although probably removed by whoever stole the guitar). You can message me on Facebook or reply here if you have any ideas about how to track it down. I'm sure it's been sold a time or two since then, but I'll buy it again. Thanks, John Strohm

Here's a video with close ups of the guitar at 5:19, 5:46, 6:23, 6:35, 8:17, 8:45, and 10:25.