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Del Rio
My first guitar was a red Teisco that I purchased from my friend, Richard Jankowski for the sum of $5. It hung on the wall of his teenage bedroom and did nothing. I coud not believe when I finally got this guitar. It was the best. It had 3 pick ups a lot of switches, a small body, a bigsby whammy bar, and it was red. I loved this guitar so so much. I loaned it to one of my students at the time, Richard Meadows, and never got it back. This blue Teisco I purchsased on eBay for $350 and is a reminder of my original red one which I will continue to try and find for the rest of my life. This guitar is a blue 1960's vintage TeiscoDel Rey made in Japan with a Brazilian rosewood finger board.


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Los Angeles
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Beekeeping - Bees are fascinating creatures and taking care of them can be a Zen like experience if you let it be
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I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and progressive rock - that background has always given me a penchant for the more conceptual side of rock music.
I make music to push my own buttons. I've always been driven by an addiction to create sounds that are unique, not better than what other people do, just different.
The most important thing in my life is trying to achieve some sort of spiritual balance because everything flows from that. When I'm looking back on my life when I'm 70, I want to be proud of the contributions I've made to society, not just in terms of music, but socially too. That's what drives me these days.

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