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My First Custom :(
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None that i knew of.
Siggery Custom
Its a set neck 25.5 left handed 7 string.

It's black all over except for the White binding around the ebony fretboard and the white binding on the reversed 'heresy' style headstock.
It has an ABM fixed bridge and Seymour Duncan Blackouts fitted and 1 master volume.
A white siggery logo on the headstock and that's it.
The tuning pegs are now black on it and it has different tuners so the heads aren't chrome anymore.
It's the only lefty that Marty has made like it so truly 1 of a kind, it could've been modified slightly but ultimately it's the only one!

I doubt it will ever turn up but I just don't want to lose hope for my first ever custom guitar.
This guitar is currently stolen.

The following details for this theft have been entered:

I had sent this back to Marty Siggery to have some minor work done on the nut and used Parcelforce 48hr service to send it. This was during december of 2012.
At some point AFTER it was taken to be delivered to Marty it somehow went missing, despite it only having to go from the van to martys door and back in the van. Somehow it went missing during that space of time and never made it back to the depot???

Despite me having printed proof of this parcel force are trying to claim that it isn't there fault and they won't pay out. Cue ongoing battle!

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