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Edward Van Halen
One Off
This guitar is one of my personal favorites. I remember the first time I ever saw the guitar was in a photo from Life Magazine. They followed Edward on the road around the time of the Fair Warning and Diver Down tours. That is my favorite Van Halen album by the way. Anyhow, as you may or may not know Edward built a lot of his own guitars. He was backstage with a bunch of them and this one kind of in the middle as I vaguely recall. It really stood out to me. It was the only guitar he had that had any green on it. I like green so it stuck in my head for years. A decade later I went to Edward's 5150 recording studio for a recording session. He played a few amazing solos on my as yet unfinished magnum opus - What The Hell Was I Thinking? (Started working on it in the early 90's so it's soon to be 20 years in the making)
Anyway the "Rasta" guitar - That's what Edward called it - He also referred to it as UBAB - was sitting in the corner. The neck was off. I said, "Hey that's the guitar from Life Magazine" and he replied, "Oh yeah, I hate that guitar... it's too heavy. Do you want it?" "Yes please" was my immediate response. It came replete with actual dried vomit in the neck joint and a little left on the guitar as well. It's still there...BRUTAL Cologna...

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Los Angeles
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There are many including: Frank Zappa, Edward Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Jimi Hendrix, Allan Holdsworth, Warren DeMartini... more and more
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If it is creative and well executed I will like it.
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My wife and children.

I am guitarist who has been playing for over 30 years. I still enjoy learning more about music and continuing to try to improve my own skills as a guitarist.

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