theguitarvaults can't actually keep
your guitar under lack and key, but if
everyone knows you own it...
there's a better chance of keeping it
safely in your hands

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Steve Vai

"I'm joining theguitarvaults and registering all of my guitars. It's a simple idea that makes you think 'why has no-one ever done this before?'" Steve Vai

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Dweezil Zappa

"The idea behind the swebsite is really simple - Now, for the first time, we can start to build a kind of registry for guitar ownership so that if a guitar gets lost or stolen, we can help get it back to its rightful owner." Dweezil Zappa

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Winner of our Ibanez JEM Giveaway announced

Winner of our Ibanez JEM Giveaway announced

We are very happy to announce that the winner of our Ibanez JEM competition is our member DanielHindley. More details to follow!

6th December 2015

Guitars from the vault

Gibson 1977 Les Paul Deluxe
Serial Number: 06115493

Missing Guitars
Les Paul Custom  /  Standard Pro

Gibson Les Paul Custom / Standard Pro
Serial Number: SS = 745208 / BB = 026690448
In the Attached photo you will see on the right, my 2009...

One to Watch

Steve Vai artworks our Ibanez JEM giveaway prize